Thursday, March 27, 2014

Support our troops through Operation Supply Drop

What is Operation Supply Drop?
Operation Supply Drop (OSD) is a military gaming 501(c)(3) charity designed to build video game filled care packages for soldiers (America and Her Allies) both deployed forward to combat zones as well as those recovering in military hospitals.
Now you might be asking yourself, "wait a minute .... how the heck does giving video games to the troops help them?" You've got to remember the ages of these men and women who are serving us. They've grown up with gaming and games promote teamwork and camaraderie, as well as help combat the stress and boredom that comes with a deployment.
I've never been much of a fund raiser type of guy, but I know with your support, you can help me raise a simple personal goal of $500.
I'm also impressed with Operation Supply Drop's mission. It started with one man and a simple crazy idea, but they now have a much bigger goal to help the troops after deployment. Read about it directly from the website :
As the United States and her allies end of formal combat operations and continue the full transition of authority to the Afghan government scheduled in 2015, OSD will also transition from wartime to peacetime support of the military. This involves increased on-base activities stateside, further supply drops to peacekeeping and humanitarian missions worldwide, as well as OSD's newest initiative, the "Thank You Deployment" (kicking off mid-2014).
In the future, OSD will continue to act as an intermediary between video game developers/publishers and the United States military, working with soldiers leaving the service, into adult education programs to facilitate them into entry-level gaming developer jobs.
So join me in helping our troops. Thanks!
One Team, One Fight!
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