Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick and Dirty Disjoint Layer 2 Configuration on Cisco UCS

Quick! ... Someone tell me how to get to the LAN Uplinks Manager configuration page on Cisco UCS .. anyone, anyone? Yeah, it's a little hidden and you don't use it that often, but when you need to configure disjoint layer 2 in UCS, you need it.

Here's some quick and dirty notes on configuring Disjoint Layer 2 for Cisco UCS.

  1. Create VLANs on UCS on LAN Tab
  2. Configure Uplink ports on FIs
  3. Optionally put them in Port Channel Group
  4. Click LAN tab, LAN Object (at top), then “LAN Uplinks Manager” hyper link
  5. In LAN Uplinks Manager, click on VLANs tab, then VLAN Manager tab
  6. For Fabric A, Select the Uplink interfaces or Port channels on the left (you can CTRL select for Multiples) .. then select the VLANs on the right, then click the “Add to VLAN button” on the bottom.
  7. Repeat for Fabric B


  1. How does this work with vlan'd ISCSI boot to san configuration?

    1. I haven't tested with iSCSI boot, but should work fine. Just remember that you'll have to have a separate vNIC interface bound to the disjoint L2 VLAN. ie, if you have the disjoint L2 VLAN AND another VLAN that's on different uplinks on the SAME vNIC interface, it won't come up as that would break the rule and the reason for having the disjoint interface.

      If you're looking for a good iSCSI boot setup guide ->