Thursday, August 23, 2012

VMworld 2012

Geek-a-Palooza ... "Nerds Gone Wild" ... "The Nerd Herd" ... call it what you will. Every year around the end of August virtualization geeks from all over come home to roost at VMworld.

This year will be my 7th VMworld. The thing I enjoy most is seeing all the friends that I've made over the years in the industry. The company names may change, but the faces stay the same. This year I will be in the capacity of a #RovingReporter for Cisco along with @Josh_atwell, at the beck and call of @CommsNinja. I might have to get a beeper. If I call upon our friendship to put you on camera, don't be shy.

Every year I have the best intentions of staying on track with my sessions and meetings, but then starting day 1, it's wheels off. I believe that's the best way to experience VMworld. Let the winds flow you in what directions they may. You'll meet many interesting people and your conversations may bleed into a session you wanted to attend. Don't worry, every session is recorded and you can watch when you get back home. Use the time to make the connections, and do hands on labs!

There are many chances to connect with Cisco at VMworld. Come visit me at the booth, hit me up on twitter, or VMworld Socialcast and share a story on camera. One other tip, when you meet someone make sure to use your twitter name and have it on your badge.  Twitter has become the defacto standard for connecting and the conference and most of us have met via that channel.  Usually when I meet someone I recognize from twitter in meat-space for the first time, I say "Hello, I'm Scott Hanson, nice to meet you in person." Then I get this blank stare and I know, "Ohhh, they only know me as a tiny avatar and a twitter ID ... I should have worn my orange t-shirt"

If this is your 1st or 8th VMworld, I'd love to say hello if we haven't met. Here's my rough schedule for the week, but as I said, the winds blow :-)

Sunday 8/26 - v0dgeball from 4-6PM GO #TeamBacon ! and VMunderground from 8-11PM
Monday 8/27 - VMworld Tweetup and #vFlipCup leading #TeamJBOD for the Win ! from 7-11PM
Tuesday 8/28 - #vBacon Cisco DC Tweetup 9-11PM

My session schedule - whew ....

Stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, and SMILE ! It's over quicker than you think.

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